SPLIUS is one of the largest companies in North-Western Lithuania providing fibre-optic Internet, smart TV and fixed line services in Šiauliai (Radviliškis, Kuršėnai, Joniškis, Kelmė, Pasvalys, Naujoji Akmenė, Pakruojis) and Klaipėda (Kretinga, Gargždai) counties and Panevėžys city.

If you are looking for high-speed fibre-optic internet or any type of television services, then you are exactly where you need to be. Here are our services and the advantages of the services we provide in brief.

Not only basic human activities such as work, learning, communication, knowledge acquisition, but also entertainment and leisure are no longer imaginable without the Internet. Therefore, speed, security and quickness are expected from suppliers. All these features are available in fibre-optic internet. Splius fibre-optic internet network already covers most of the territory of Northern Lithuania, therefore we can offer our customers high-speed of up to 1 Gb / s.

After becoming our customer, you receive a full package of services used by Splius customers: service “Stopas”, computer literacy courses, money credit basket, loyalty program, hire purchase special offer “Verta”.

This is a next-generation television which allows the customer to rewind a missed movie, record an interesting TV show, enjoy the benefits of YouTube on TV, watch TV channels in the highest HD resolution, and choose from a wide variety of content offered by different channels. This is a television that can be watched on different screens – TV set, tablet, or computer. This is a solution with children’s space “Vaikų erdvė” which allows children to be left safely in front of the TV, without fear that unauthorized content for their age will reach them. Most importantly, this is an archive of TV programs with sports championships, basketball matches, and the most interesting films reachable up to 14 days.

“Stopas” is a service that parents grew fond of as it can cause Internet connection at home to be suspended. This service is provided free of charge to Splius customers and is easy to control. It is especially relevant for parents who are worried that their children are surfing the Internet all day, having forgotten all the responsibilities. It is possible to temporarily suspend the Internet connection in several ways: by phone or through the self-service website

Hire purchase special deal “Verta” offers Splius customers to purchase various household appliances in instalments without any increase in price. Customers can pay for the purchased TVs, computers, tablets, or a smart robot vacuum cleaner over a long period of time – in 12, 24 and 36 months. We deliver the goods to your home and connect them at no extra charge.

Once a year, Splius customers can take a free 14-academic-hour course in computer literacy in Šiauliai or Klaipėda. The courses are led by specialists and teachers of “Išmanioji mokykla”, who distribute the course participants according to the level of their computer literacy competencies.

Has the dog eaten the cable? Is your computer full of viruses? Splius customers receive a virtual money credit basket, which they can use to pay for additional services, depending on their loyalty (duration of the available contract).

All Splius customers accumulate loyalty points from the time of signing the contract, which can be exchanged for prizes. Points are accumulated by paying bills and for being our customers for many years. We are happy to see Splius customers wearing Splius branded backpacks or using Splius branded flasks.

There is no other way to put it as we are customer-focused, delivering prompt service, conducting customer feedback research, and continuously improving our customer service quality.